General Design

Drawing upon the high proficiency and many-year experience of «KESZ Russia» staff in solving of a wide range of tasks in all of the design areas, the Company»s Design Department ensures the development of projects for buildings and structures of any complexity within the shortest possible deadlines and guarantees the Customer that the design solutions worked out are highly reliable.

Owing to the experience of comprehensive project implementation, from initial design stages (including assisting the Customer with development of the Design Terms of Reference, preparing of checklists for Technical Specifications) to the project process completion, including assistance to the Customer with delivery of the design and as-built documentation to the operating organization, KESZ Russia is able to guarantee the Customer that design solutions and construction and installation works are of proper high quality.

KESZ Russia is able to work out project documentation for a wide range of construction projects, both large-scale plants and logistics facilities comprising the entire infrastructure necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation, as well as separate buildings and structures — fire tanks, office and warehouse buildings, engineering networks.

In the course of designing complex objects, there is often the need for operational analysis and amendment of design solutions proposed during construction. Being highly responsible and trained to operate within tight deadlines (from several hours to 2–3 days), Kesz Russia staff are able to offer the Customer the best possible design solutions for units and structures without interrupting the production process, delivery of materials to the construction site and construction and installation works.

Not infrequently in the construction practice there are cases when the need arises to design structure reinforcement, make premises re-planning or dismantle certain elements. These jobs require prompt use of accurate computational models, making of responsible decisions and their implementation in detailed drawings. “KESZ Russia” Design Department has established close cooperation with the leading field-specific design and survey organizations in Russia to address issues relating to prompt obtaining of a construction site’s geodesic and topographic data, assessment and optimization of design solutions, passing of expert appraisals and obtaining of necessary approvals for project documentation. Owing to the long-term cooperation of “KESZ Russia” Design Department with designers of the parent company KESZ, project documentation complies with the Russian statutory regulations as well as with Eurocode standard. This allows us, while implementing projects of foreign Customers, to ensure the European-level design and to guarantee that a project will be approved by the competent Russian authorities.

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