Russian KESZ started the construction of production of masterbatches for the company GABRIEL-CHEMIE in Industrialnom Park “Vorsino”.

Austrian company Gabriel-Chemie on July 28, 2018 held an event to lay the first stone for its new plant in the Kaluga region. Earlier, the Russian subdivision of the largest Hungarian construction holding KESZ Group signed an agreement with KESZ LLC on the General contract for the implementation of the project for the construction of the first stage of production of masterbatches of dyes and additives for plastics in the industrial Park Vorsino.

The company will meet the requirements of Russian legislation and international standards of production and quality control. Production of plant is used for coloring and giving special properties to plastic. Among consumers-manufacturers of packaging for food, cosmetics, medical products, household products, construction, agriculture. In addition to sales in the Russian market, the future company plans to export to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

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