Hexagon Offices & Apartments is the newest business center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, perfectly adapted to our own "work-life pleasure" concept. What does this thing mean? In short, the complex offers countless work facilities through flexible office spaces that can be tailored to the needs of each tenant, a Business Lab at the 4th floor for small and medium businesses, as well as leisure facilities - the restaurant , fitness room, terraces and sky bar, retail area, café and much more.

The Hexagon Offices & Apartments video-teaser captures within a minute the essence and complexity of the building - dynamic, professional, adaptable and innovative. We aim to provide our tenants with the possibility to successfully manage even the bussiest of days without leaving the premises. All in one place.

Hexagon Offices & Apartments - personalised office space We differentiate ourselves by offering the possibility to customize the work space organization through agile layouts, according to the needs of our customers. We also offer the option to add different modules to each office - kitchen, single office, meeting room, open space, archive or copy center.

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