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European Construction Holding «KESZ» and General Contracting Construction Company «KESZ Russia» offer comprehensive services of industrial and infrastructure design and construction.
Construction and installation

Hexagon Offices & Apartments is the newest business center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, perfectly adapted to our own "work-life pleasure" concept. What does this thing mean? In short, the complex offers countless work facilities through flexible office spaces that can be tailored to the needs of each tenant, a Business Lab at the 4th floor for small and medium businesses, as well as leisure facilities - the restaurant , fitness room, terraces and sky bar, retail area, café and much more.

Austrian company Gabriel-Chemie on July 28, 2018 held an event to lay the first stone for its new plant in the Kaluga region. Earlier, the Russian subdivision of the largest Hungarian construction holding KESZ Group signed an agreement with KESZ LLC on the General contract for the implementation of the project for the construction of the first stage of production of masterbatches of dyes and additives for plastics in the industrial Park Vorsino.

Company ООО « КЕС» / KESZ LLC is the Russian subsidiary of the largest Hungarian construction holding company KESZ Group in the person of General Director Attila Kovacs signed with Lubomir Stoklasek CEO and 100% owner of the largest Czech machine-building company Agrostroj Pelhrimov general contract for the production of works on the frame the object located on the territory of Bobrov district of Voronezh region. The meeting was attended by the Head and representatives of the administration of the Bobrovsky Municipal District of the Voronezh Region. The work began in accordance with the Timeschedule.

Customers of «KESZ Russia» in Russia are well-known international companies
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